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Glenn Grattan, Esq.

(631) 360-7333

Glenn Grattan, Esq. After working for over ten (10) years in law enforcement, Glenn attended Touro Law School and graduated in the top third of his class. He is admitted to practice law in New York, Connecticut, DC, and the Eastern and Southern Districts of Federal Court. Since being admitted to practice in 1999, he has worked primarily in insurance defense and has tried cases involving premises liability, labor law and municipality defense, as well as many auto actions. Since coming to DeSena and Sweeney he has tried four cases to verdict, obtaining two defense verdicts each in New York and Bronx County. He has also won an Arbitration decision finding that the plaintiff had not sustained a Serious Injury under Ins. Law 5102(d), and won two framed issue hearings resulting in the transfer of Bronx and New York County designated actions, and a third hearing which resulted in a Damages cap of $50,000.00 in a Bronx Action. He is a proponent of, and consistently pursues partial summary judgment decisions that eliminate such pleadings as lost wages, or specific categories of serious injury under Ins Law 5102(d).